Roadshow of ETFs on the SSE





July 4th

   Broad-based ETFs



July 5th

   Broad-based ETFs II



July 6th

   Technology, Media and Telecom



July 7th

  Consumption Goods



July 8th




July 11th

  ESG Investment



July 12th

  Financial Industry



July 13th

  Materials and Infrastructure



July 14th

  Defense Industry



July 15th

  State-Owned Enterprises

This Shanghai stock market ETF roadshow will help domestic and overseas investors to enhance their in-depth understanding of ETF products in the Shanghai stock market by inviting ETF fund managers to introduce product specifics, product features, investment highlights, industry analysis and tracked indices. This series of roadshows lasts for 10 days, and a themed session is arranged every day, including broad-based ETFs (two sessions), TMT, consumption goods, pharmaceuticals, ESG, financial industry, materials and infrastructure, defense industry, and state-owned enterprises.


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